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It’s All In The Details, Or Is It?

Details are important in so many areas of life. Where you go, what you say, what you do. When I’m not painting or writing, I’m usually watching a movie. It’s a necessity at times because my day job involves screenwriting, and you can learn a lot about how to create a story by watching and reading good stories. 
I learn a lot about painting by watching other people work, and by analyzing their paintings. It’s the details that set each painter and their style apart from each other. My son, Ethan, is a watercolor artist as well. His style is very different from my own. It’s recognizable. And yet…
My paintings wouldn’t be what they are without the under painting.  Here is the under painting of a recent painting. You have an idea of what it is, and it doesn’t look terrible.

The under painting (as I like to call it) has the foundational shapes and colors. It also adds substance to the soon to be added details. It sort of serves as a road map to the final destination of this piece of artwork. The following picture is the finished painting with the details in place that bring clarity to the composition.

The foundation of a painting is what gives it depth.

Robin Liner

When you look at a finished painting your eye goes more to the detailed areas, but without that foundation those details would feel a bit empty and lifeless.  

This is like my life.

Christ Jesus is the under painting, the foundation that allows the details that set me apart to have depth. Without Him there may be some attributes in my life that seem admirable or interesting, but they are dead works. With Him I’m alive with detailed purpose.   

It’s Like ‘Knight and Day’

Yes I spelled the word ‘Knight’ correctly.

I’m referring to a line in one of my favorite movies, Knight and Day. One of the little details that catches your attention early on in the movie (and then comes back around beautifully in the end).

Tom Cruise’ character raises and lowers his hand to emphasize a challenge he makes to Cameron Diaz’ character as he says the line, ” With me, without me; with me without me?” Jesus is asking this to each of us as well.  He’s asking, “With me, without me; with me without me? “My answer? ” With You!”

If you are interested in this painting you can check out print options HERE. Or you can email for information about the original HERE.

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Summer Glory: Watercolor Painting is a Process

Look at the creative mess the above painting went through before it was what you see above. Each layer I had to wait for it to diffuse and dry before moving on.  Believe it or not, this is what I intended each of  these layers to look like.

It’s risky exposing to the world something that is unfinished.

But I wanted to show a bit of my process. It seems like often we want to hide away until we feel more put together and polished. And if you’re doing your own polishing, then I hope you have a pleasant hiding place because you’re gonna be there forever.

But Life is a holy process when we belong to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus.

Why are we confused and afraid when the Lord shows us a glimpse of our mess. Unless we recognize the uncomfortable messiness  of our own feeble efforts to be worthy,  we don’t really see the completeness of God’s beautiful finished work that is making us truly worthy.

We don’t like those times when he is letting His work in us dry so he can add the next layer. It feels stagnant,  but trust me, it isn’t. 

Glory to Glory. 

I don’t boast in my messy sinfulness. It’s not beautiful. I am of myself NOT glorious – yet. I boast in the One who began a good work in me and is faithful to complete it.

And I rejoice with each new layer God adds to my life when He knows I’m ready. 

So, I will do my best to obey Him. It speeds up the drying process so He can move ahead on the next layer of His finishing process.

I am nothing without Him,  and I am everything with Him, because He is everything.

If you have given your life to God than this is for you, “Don’t worry, be patient, don’t take God’s work upon yourself. He’s got this. Just do what He’s told you in His word.”

If you haven’t believed on Jesus,  there’s no time like the present.