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The warmth of fall colors are my favorites. I often find myself gravitating to oranges and olive greens, browns, golds and reds when I’m choosing clothes. Living in the Appalachian Mountains allows me to get my fix of warm colors every year. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I often find myself painting pictures that radiate with the warmth of these colors. 

I had been painting several pieces in these tones when I had a conversation with my son, Ethan. I was trying to explain what aesthetic I was going for, which was fields of vineyards or mountain farms. He gave me the word, “cultivated.” 

Only people, created in God’s image, attempt to take a fallen nature and find ways to increase it’s productivity.

Robin Liner

Painting for me has a process that I would describe as cultivating. Something amazing happens when we cultivate something. No other creature on this earth, except humans, cultivate the land. We break up fallow ground, plant seeds, water and fertilize the seeds and watch them grow into plants. We pull out weeds that are choking the plants then we harvest the fruit of our labors and take them into a kitchen and combine them to create amazing things like pies and casseroles and other delicacies. 

God is just as intentional. He does the same for us. He is a faithful husbandman and vinedresser. And He is taking us from glory to glory. When we humble ourselves under His mighty hand and allow Him to fashion us according to His will beautiful things take place in our lives. But even when we resist He continues working in us because…  

“He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.” – Philippians 1:6

When I see warm colors I get a feeling of comfort. In spite of the autumn season being often filled with holiday chaos, a different kind of cultivation begins. The decorating of our house, the search for gifts to have for Christmas, the baking of pies and cookies. Yet, this season for our family is one of joy and peace.

Those feelings are what I was trying to capture in this painting. A feeling that things can have a sense of order and cultivation. The violence of plowing and planting passes, the hectic time of harvest passes, and now the land has a season of rest. That is how I want my family to approach this time. I encourage you to find rest in this time as well.

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So, the next time you are creating something, a painting, a garden, a pie… Let it remind you that your Heavenly Father is always working in us to make us more like Him. You might as well make it easy for Him to finish the work He started in you by giving Him the reins and letting Him have His way.