Hello, I’m Robin Liner,

Believe it or not, this Southern woman is originally from California. And for several years I had had the pleasure of being a Christian songwriter and recording artist. Then finally, my journey to becoming a Southern Appalachian Mountain woman began.

I’ve lived in the South for almost 40 years and have lived in the Great Smoky Mountains of Southern Appalachia in Western North Carolina for over 20 years. North Carolina is near and dear to my heart because it’s where I met my husband of over 30 years. Also, it’s where I’ve helped raise our 6 children and where my first grand baby was born.

And it’s where I stepped into the next phase of my life as a writer and artist.

So, here I am, a middle aged wife, mother, friend, writer, producer, director and painter, enjoying the life God has given me. I help run an entertainment company, Liner House, with my son, Stefan. I find time to babysit my granddaughter and as you will find on this website, to paint.

Why not, grab a cup of coffee (I will) and come along as I navigate juggling life, family, work, homeschooling, and growing older with the help of the Holy Spirit.  My posts allow me to write about what I am learning through my paintings and their processes. Thank you for joining me.

Most Sincerely,

Robin Liner