• Speech therapy for better communication

    Speech Therapy May Be Just What Your Child Needs

    The curly headed four year old sat attentively eating apple pieces at the granite counter as her mother cooked. The child swiveled her stool and looked over to the opposite edge of the counter where a gray shirt sat folded. A rambling of odd sounds flowed from her mouth, ” ih tah ti tee tuh?” The questioning tone caught her mother’s attention, ” What?” she calmly replied. ” ih tah ti tee tuh?” The little girls eyes shifted to the counter edge and the mother’s eyes followed. “What are you asking me, honey?” The sounds became frustrated and her body language took on hints of a game of charades. Pointing animatedly…

  • Are You Ever Too Old To Start Something New?

    The little girl walked up the sidewalk to her Grandparents house. She didn’t get to see them very often. Usually, she just watched their game shows with them and sometimes they played cards. But this visit was going to be different. The door opened to smiling faces. Hugs were exchanged and after a few moments her grandparents excitedly invited her to see what they had been up to lately. They rounded the corner. The one that had a curio cabinet that housed their collection of beautiful china teacups and saucers collected from their worldwide travels. The little girl admired the delicate patterns and pretty colors. Then she saw what they…

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