• Top 6 Websites That Sell Homeschool Curriculum For “Learning Challenged” Kids

    Tara watched her 14 year old daughter, Haley,  get out of the car. She threw her backpack over her shoulder and waved back at her mom then walked over to a set of large double doors. She entered the building but not before turning back to wave at her mom. The person who had made sure she didn’t give up. The one who gave her the chance to do what she loved. Theater. Tech week was almost over . Tara knew Haley would be sad when the play was over.  She always was. But today the teenager was electric with excitement. Only three more days and she would show the…

  • Five Oldies But Goodies Suspense Novels Worth Re-reading

    Step. Step. Step. Each time his shoe hit the ground  his pace increased until he was all out running. A worn out black and red duffel bag hung from his shoulder. One of his hands held firmly to the canvas strap so as not to lose the bag and it’s precious contents. Sweat streamed down his forehead as he glanced from side to side at the miles of hot white sand. The ocean stretched out in front of him as he continued forward.  Suddenly he stopped and looked around. He leaned over as he caught his breath. No one had followed him. He was certain. As he turned to look…

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