• Pumpkin Muffins With Crystallized Ginger

    Yeah For Fall! I just took the last bite of the last PUMPKIN MUFFIN WITH CRYSTALLIZED GINGER that remained from a recent batch I made on the first day of October.  Fall has sneaked in almost unnoticed here in the Southern Appalachian Mountains but still it calls for some baking and nothing says FALL IS HERE to me like a pumpkin muffin. Who doesn’t enjoy the smells of lovely spices floating through the room. I sure do. It simply adds to the hominess (Don’t know if that’s a real word but it works for me). So, I went on a hunt for a new recipe to try. It’s not that…

  • Are You Ever Too Old To Start Something New?

    The little girl walked up the sidewalk to her Grandparents house. She didn’t get to see them very often. Usually, she just watched their game shows with them and sometimes they played cards. But this visit was going to be different. The door opened to smiling faces. Hugs were exchanged and after a few moments her grandparents excitedly invited her to see what they had been up to lately. They rounded the corner. The one that had a curio cabinet that housed their collection of beautiful china teacups and saucers collected from their worldwide travels. The little girl admired the delicate patterns and pretty colors. Then she saw what they…

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