• The Blue Castle

    Book Review: The Blue Castle By L.M. Montgomery, A Classic Filled With Timeless Relevancy

    What kind of story does a book titled The Blue Castle make you think of? It may evoke images such as… girl meets a prince. They get married. He whisks her away to his kingdom to live happily ever after. But the story of The Blue Castle isn’t a fairy tale. What would you say is an emotional issue people struggle with today?   So many people are plagued with self-doubt. We say the mantra’s we are told to recite like, “I am beautiful” or  “I am enough”. But saying it doesn’t mean we buy into it. Our real subconscious thoughts often sound more like, “Does anyone see me?”, “Am I…

  • Developing An Idea For A Children’s Book Can Be Harder Than You Think

    Children’s book ideas don’t always come easy I can’t speak for other authors about how they approach writing a children’s book, but this is my personal experience. I have come up with children’s books based on ideas that just popped into my head (and I assure you this happens on the reg). Another approach I use is biographical, like Serenading Jesus. This book was based on my mother’s example in my life. I love this story to distraction because I am who I am because of this amazing woman’s influence in my life.  This book was also my attempt to publish using a vanity press and their art department.  That…

  • Are You Ever Too Old To Start Something New?

    The little girl walked up the sidewalk to her Grandparents house. She didn’t get to see them very often. Usually, she just watched their game shows with them and sometimes they played cards. But this visit was going to be different. The door opened to smiling faces. Hugs were exchanged and after a few moments her grandparents excitedly invited her to see what they had been up to lately. They rounded the corner. The one that had a curio cabinet that housed their collection of beautiful china teacups and saucers collected from their worldwide travels. The little girl admired the delicate patterns and pretty colors. Then she saw what they…

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