Are You Ever Too Old To Start Something New?

The little girl walked up the sidewalk to her Grandparents house. She didn’t get to see them very often. Usually, she just watched their game shows with them and sometimes they played cards. But this visit was going to be different.

The door opened to smiling faces. Hugs were exchanged and after a few moments her grandparents excitedly invited her to see what they had been up to lately. They rounded the corner. The one that had a curio cabinet that housed their collection of beautiful china teacups and saucers collected from their worldwide travels. The little girl admired the delicate patterns and pretty colors. Then she saw what they had been working on. Several canvases had been framed. One had a lighthouse painted on it and another was a still life of a bowl of fruit in front of a porcelain pitcher. The little girl moved a strand of unruly brown hair from her eyes so she could get a better look. Suddenly, her grandparents took on a completely new light. It was as if they had transformed into celebrities. Painting celebrities. They might as well have been Rembrandt himself. Not that the child new who that was as the time.

As she looked at the paintings something powerful was planted in heart of the little girl. Something that wouldn’t spring to life in her until she was much older.  It was the flower of awareness that as you grow older, as you move from season to season in life, each of those seasons should be accompanied by fresh new growth. Even a tree that has stood in its place for centuries can continue to produce new sprigs, branches, leaves and flowers. Perhaps someday she too would pick up a paintbrush and tell a visual story on a piece of canvas. Perhaps that “someday” wouldn’t come until most of the days allotted to her had already passed like with her grandparents. She smiled at the thought that she might make something as pretty as these paintings.

That day she had been given a gift.

The gift of inspiration.

When was the last time you took stock of the seasons of your life?

What is a season? It can mean different things to different people. There are seasons of the year like winter or summer; seasons that represent times such as the rainy season or The Christmas Season; there are baseball seasons, berry seasons, etc. And then there are seasons in our lives. For people who are aging (like myself) we may consider the season of our youth.

When I left my school years I immediately entered a season of making music and touring. I spent six years pursuing this. Writing, recording, performing. Opening for people like B.J. Thomas and working with people in the industry who cut there teeth touring with icons like Paul McCartney and Bonnie Raitt.  Sounds impressive doesn’t it? The truth is that was thirty years ago and few people remember the old me, Robyn Pope. That’s fine because the next season of my life was EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE. I got married and decided to stay home, raise a family and help plant a church in Western North Carolina. Now that was an exciting season.

But that season began to shift. My children one by one became adults, (Well, most of them. I still have a couple of teenagers around the house – so homeschooling continues).

I found myself considering what I wanted to do with the time I now had freed up.  Have you come to that place? Have you found yourself asking the question  “WHAT DO I DO NOW?”

Immediately my mind went to… No, not music as you might expect, it went to my original passion WRITING. Not just any writing but fictional narrative writing. Storytelling.

It started with children’s stories then grew to include One act plays. Finally, it led me to film-making alongside my eldest son Stefan who has worked full time in film production for the last six years. It also launched us into the world of YouTube  (check out our channel LINER HOUSE). A place where we can practice and grow our storytelling skills because ultimately it’s all about the story. It’s also a place where we can develop relationships with other creators.

From left to right: Stefan Liner, Jennifer Miller, Miles Rice, Robin Liner

When I was surrounded by small children, diapers and swing sets  I didn’t really consider what I would do when all of that came to a close. I loved every moment of growing our family with my awesome hubby, Jay.  But I can honestly say I’m enjoying this season just as much. And I should. Each season should bring growth not dormancy.

I am 54 years old and in the past decade I have:

  1. Written and directed two well received one act plays.
  2. Self published three children’s books and have several others in development. Check out one HERE.
  3. Written several feature length screenplays (One that made the semi finals of an international screenplay competition. I’m too cheap to keep paying entrance fees so having felt validated by that one I’ve left  screenplay competitions behind.)
  4. Written and produced two seasons of the web-series WHEN FACT MET FICTION (Season 2 comes out in Sept. 2018). And I directed most of season 2.
  5. Started a YA novel – hopefully it will be coming out in 2019. We’ll see.
  6. Started three blogs, this one included. The other two have served their purpose and their season is primarily over.
  7. I’m launching a vlog VERY SOON.

This doesn’t include a myriad of other projects.

Disclaimer – I haven’t done this alone and I wouldn’t want to.

What About You? What is the answer to the following question?

So, are you ever too old to start something new?

Absolutely not. I’m sure you already know that. I’d love to hear about the things you have set your hands and minds to in the current season you are in. Have you started painting? Did you launch a new business? Are you enjoying grandchildren? Volunteering for some amazing charity? The opportunities are endless.

Tell me about the new things you have discovered in the comments below.

Final point: Don’t become stagnant. We were created to be active vessels for our entire lives.

Maybe it’s time for you to step into a new season and see what God wants to do through you.

Until next time,

The Gray Goddess

Robin Liner

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