A Year Filled With Milestones

… I watched as my husband helped carry the old metal desk that had lived in our son’s room. Jay was on one end. Our son Joey was on the other. They lifted it into the truck. That was it. The last piece of furniture to go to Joey’s new home a few hours away. He towered over us. Young and tall. Ready to learn what he needed to know to fulfill his dreams of becoming a professional animator. It felt right. He clearly has the raw talent. Now we were seeing the raw determination.

This is a milestone that will make an impression on the rest of his life. He is stepping out into the next part of his life’s journey.


He’ll be experiencing things I may never be aware of. Making new friends, growing in how he relates to those around him and how he relates to his heavenly Father. He’ll have incredible successes and struggles that will shake him to his core and in the end he’ll be a stronger, kinder and a more giving human being because ‘He who began a good work in him will be faithful to complete it’.

What a crazy year!

This past year has left my mind cluttered with wall to wall memories like the one I just mentioned. Memories of transforming my house into a production set for the second season of our web-series, When Fact Met Fiction. That project turned out pretty good. Nothing like setting out to create a film set and  getting a renovated house in the process. In one of my posts I’ll take you on a tour. It’s a work in progress. Do you have any of those?  Works in progress. You know, that project that keeps growing or changing and therefore never seems to get finished?

Life is also a work in progress.

It’s always changing, growing, adapting, learning. Joey is about to discover how true that is.

This year has brought me to a fresh place of comprehending how magnificent and powerful God’s love is and a strong desire to share it with others. It’s brought me to a place of gratitude for the opportunities he has created for me and my family.

The Guys. Left to Right – Stefan, Josef, Ethan, Joel, Zane and Micaiah

It is mind boggling how many major things can happen over 365 days?

The last 12 months (as of this post) have included for me …

  • Producing the second season of the LINER HOUSE web-series, When Fact Met Fiction, for YouTube.
  • Producing a very cool instructional video for a large company.
  • My oldest niece (she’s really more of a daughter) bought her first house and moved out of ours.
  • The wedding of my third son, Ethan, to his lovely wife Gabrielle (my first child to get married).
  • The re-branding and launch of the Liner House YouTube Channel (we’ve uploaded nearly 200 videos in 6 months)
  • My only daughter, Meg, turned 16.
  • My youngest son, Zane, turned 13
  • And my middle son, Josef, moved away to another city to study Digital Design and Animation.

Oh, and I decided to start a vlog/blog because I’m not doing enough already.

Here is a quick overview of what I want to share on my Vlog and right here on this website:

  1. Encourage women to make every season of life  a good season.
  2. Encourage and help parents who are homeschooling children with learning differences.
  3. Create a platform for my passion projects (all which include some form of creative media)
  4. Share with you things I love.
  5. Do it all with a heart of gratitude to the Lord who has saved me and equipped me for all of it.

Enjoy the season you’re in.

I have come to appreciate getting to share the journey, the milestones, the challenges and the victories with others because we are better when we do life together. We were never meant to travel through life alone. Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with my son, Micaiah. He was gathering up items to have a cookout with a coworker. Yesterday, he was gathering items again, this time to spend a day with the same coworker at a nearby river. After pressing him as to why he was creating these moments with his friend I came to discover that Micaiah’s coworker was about to move away. The season of seeing this person every day was coming to an end and he wanted to make sure it ended well. That he hadn’t left anything unsaid. That he had given this friend an opportunity to see the love of Christ.

I am convinced that we need to throw ourselves into making each season in our lives the most it can be and that we need to share it with those around us. Our moment has to be NOW! So,  when we see the end of the current season coming to a close we can watch it end well.

This blog is a part of the way I am sharing this season. I hope you will come along.

What is your season? Are you making it a milestone that will leave a beautiful impression on your life and the lives around you? Keep in mind…

Your moment is now!

– Until Next Time


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